Mutnovsky - Gorely



  • Day 1

    Transfer (about 4 hours) to the Gorely volcano. Setting up a tent camp. The ascent to the volcano takes 2-3 hours. Inspection of the craters - about 2 hours. Gorely volcano (1829 m) is located in a vast and picturesque caldera. It is unique for the "collection" of various craters at its summit. The edges of some of them cross each other and create a very bizarre and unique pattern. The main craters are surrounded by steep walls 150-200 m high, have a well-shaped structure and are filled with acid lakes. Descent - about 2 hours. Overnight in tents.

  • Day 2

    Climbing the Mutnovsky volcano, which is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful and interesting in Kamchatka. It has a complex and unusual structure. A glacier descends from the top of the volcano and powerful streams of steam erupt through its cracks to the surface. The volcano is attractive for its intense and varied manifestation of volcanic activity. The ascent to the volcano takes about 2 hours. Inspection of fumarole sites and volcano craters - about 2 hours. Descent - 1-1.5 hours. Inspection of the Dangerous canyon. Return to the city.

  • date

    30.06-01.07 05.07-06.07 10.07-11.07 15.07-16.07 28.07-29.07 02.08-03.08 07.08-08.08 12.08-13.08 17.08-18.08

  • accomodation

    Tents - 1 night

  • meal

    Full meals on the route

  • comfort


If you want to climb both volcanoes, tents will allow you not to waste time on the long journey to that area twice.


17 000 ₽ (при наборе группы от 7 человек)


What you should expect

  • Long drive in off-road vehicles on a very bad road
  • One night in sleeping bags in tents, no shower
  • Frequent fog and lack of visibility, strong wind, rain or even snow is possible
  • A lot of snow all year round
  • Two amazing craters of two incredible and unique active volcanoes
  • The opportunity to visit these places without crowds of people

Don't forget to take

  • Small backpack for personal belongings and snacks
  • Jacket and trousers from rain and wind
  • Trekking boots
  • Warm jacket like Polartec or fleece
  • Hat, gloves
  • Light thermal underwear
  • Sandals or other comfortable footwear for resting
  • Sunglasses and cream
  • Lantern
  • Individual first aid kit (the presence of a plaster is required)

You can find a complete list of personal belongings and all the necessary information about traveling in Kamchatka on our main website